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Short intro.

Last week, as I was presenting the news at Drupal Cafe Lviv, DrupalCon Baltimore is coming to an end - we weren’t there, but we definitely will be in Vienna this fall. I neither had a chance to watch Driesnote yet, nor check sessions, but I’ll definitely be checking for good sessions through May. My expectation is to learn more on Drupal Governance, how we can be better as community of individuals and technical community behind the Drupal. But that’s later, now is Drupal News time!

Supporting both head-less and head-yes approaches.

Dries talks about those guys, that think it’s gonna end badly for CMSes, aren’t completely right. Difference between API-first and API-only is that in API-first, you do stuff in UI and then you can do just the same via API. In Drupal 7 that was partially true - thanks to Services module, and now with Drupal 8, the goal is to have everything. That’s the particular strength of Drupal, you can work via UI and then program some via API - and that even will be relatively painless. Talking about pain, it looks like WordPress takes NO API AT ALL approach - I, unfortunately, can confirm that from my own experiences.

There’s such thing as “In context editing”, which in Drupal is known as In-Place-Editor. Point is to be able to edit content on the fly on the page, not somewhere in the Admin area of the site.

Problem with that is there’s a lot of caveats when you get to implement IPE on custom design plus it really depends on the structure of your content types - sometimes products can be so advanced that it’s easier to edit them on a separate page.

I don’t think you’ll find something you didn’t know already in the article, but you definitely will understand “Headless” better after you read it.


“When I submit a patch, should my code be reviewed or my sexual life?”

Drupal Confessions is now officially closed. Pity. Yes, it did attracted attention to perhaps biggest problem that Drupal Community had so far, though I found lots of _thought provoking “confessions” there. Point it - we’re all different and when we do our Open Source stuff, we must stay open and transparent in the decisions too, not just code. And what matters is the product, not what one does in the bedroom. Until the one eats Pizza in the bed and does not share - that’s a sin, 100%.


When you want a password other than ‘admin’.

List of modules and approaches to make password policies on the site better (or exist in the first place). Yes, that’s important.


What you can learn from the other guy, episode 9883221. (still makes sense though)

Drupal and WordPress. What each could learn from the other one, fresh edition. As Mike Herchel mentioned in the article, WordPress is a competitor - friendly competitor though, as both projects are Open Source. And we know that the best thing you can learn from your competitors.


Brothers separated at birth.

Continuing comparison of two products, while preparing a white paper on Drupal strong points and feasibility, I’ve found this funny almost 10 years old article. Title says it’s all, it’s like in the Bollywood movies. It’s really funny how many similarities and parallels are between Dries and Matt (Matt Mullenweg, creator of Wordpress) and, of course, Drupal and Wordpress.


Drupal, we need to talk *intense music playing in the background*.

Drupal, we need to talk. Article was a teaser of BoF session in Baltimore - where people think Drupal should be going.

As for me, I can say that in the last year and the half we did quite a few steps towards Drupal being a product, not just CMS/CMF (F stands for Framework, something you build your solution upon), but it’s far from the end, so such sort of discussions are necessary to have. Waiting for more news on that topic in the coming weeks.


We’re all going to die (rather not, but do update your site).

Important security update for 8.x sites - please update your installations with the fix.


16 cool modules

Bunch of interesting modules that make your life easier sometimes, I particularly liked multiple selects.


Comparing Drupal and Adobe Experience Manager

Handy comparison from the guys who know a thing or two about big enterprise projects. I’m looking forward to part 2, though I can’t say that 2 articles is enough for comparison.


Don’t go low.

There is no such thing like fixing a wrong with another wrong.


Thank you for your attention. Slides available here.