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Hello everyone,

Today I’m starting with wonder - I wonder, how did I completely missed a few interesting posts from Dries back in January.

Acquia Retrospective 2016

Open retrospective of anything is a great thing to read and this one, authored by Dries is even more fun - because it contains details and actions. Even though article does contain such overused words like “digital transformation”, “innovation leaders” and other, which I think we’d happily live without (and I’d rather live without), Dries gives evaluation to the results of different things Acquia did in 2016.

A few words were said about distributions - NASDAQ’s D8 distro for investor relations sites in particular, as well as distro history. Dries also recalled Drupal Gardens thing - Drupal distro, which, heavily extended with custom installation profiles, was used as SaaS by large enterprise companies for hosting and managing hundreds of similar websites. Without these profiles, it was just a “wordpress.org blogging” platform but with poor look and lots of limitations.

Later, by the way, Drupal Gardens transformed into Acquia CloudFactory - essentially platform for managing clusters of websites, now not limited to Drupal Gardens distro only.

More about this and 17,000 managed Amazon AWS instances in the post.


When Big Scale gets really complex

Non-technical article that reminds us that beside purely technical challenges, we shouldn’t forget about “the bigger picture”. Architecture of nowaday application is quite complex and built from different components and technologies that supposedly work fine together on paper, but in reality not quite so. Also, author touches problems of complex communications that exists since long time ago when ancient homo sapiens with sharp sticks were chasing mammoths and, since long time ago, those problems were neglected. Thousands years later, we’re in the same situation, though perhaps instead of being hungry after unsuccessful hunt, we’re being messed up after unsuccessful project - and that is pretty much equal, as some would say.


Talking to your site, aren’t you?

If you aren’t, read how you can start talking to it.

Next portion of fun with Chrome Voice commander and site voice navigation.


D8 Initiative status update

Default Content and new core theme join their forces, SimpleTest in core being replaced with PHPUnit and other latest updates.


You can take our T-shirts, but you’ll never take our freedom Or DrupalCon Vienna program changes

Since last year, Drupal Association announced that they want to generate profits and with European events it’s not going very well, so some changes were made to the program. How that would be - I guess we’ll find out in Vienna and meanwhile, you can read details.


Industry pages on drupal.org

New sections, highlighting Drupal in so-called verticals or industries. Three launched so far - Higher Education, Government, Publishing and I think it is very handy good promo. Finally Drupal.org becomes a customer-oriented Drupal showroom, not just for-developers-only portal.


Keep asking questions

There’s no such thing as a stupid question, just not wise decision of not asking one.


Better that devel generate

As it turned out, Drupal 8 has it’s own helper Random class, with which you can make a better testing content.


We’re going to have demo!

At some point, for now Drupal team is looking for Demo Designer / Art-Director that will be included in Drupal Core.


Drupal Europe Survey

Absolutely mandatory to participate if you’re from Europe and doing something with Drupal.


Blocks, blocks everywhere

Handy mini-guide on transition from working with blocks in D7 to D8. We now have completely reworked Blocks system in D8 which is finally can be used in everyday projects, so it worth checking out what you can do with it.


Javascript in D8

Overview of JS system in Drupal 8.


Web Omelette with Route Access Control

Another handy in-depth explanation, this time, it’s route control access in Drupal 8.


A bug on drupal.org? No way!

Right before the Drupal Cafe, we’ve found this styling bug on Company Team pages. The problem was found, no patch submitted yet :)