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Web Omelette with rendered entity form modes

A handy guide - or shall we say, recipe, for how to render custom entity form modes in Drupal 8.

The thing is, there’s an option to create display modes for entity forms - with different fields, settings and such via Admin UI, but as today there’s no easy way to output them on the site.

In essence, all you need is a couple of hooks and custom function call and that’s exactly what this article gives you.

Besides, Web Omelette is a nice tech blog about Drupal development and various tricks - come to visit it at times.


Guided tours on site

Tour is a core module of Drupal 8, sort of the mini-framework for creating guided tours on the sites. You might have heard about a “guided tour” from gaming industry - almost every game has an interactive “tutorial” that demonstrates essential UI elements and basic things to do with it. It’s the same with web-sites, actually. In the article, there’s a highlight of Tour UI module + explanation on how to do the same stuff using YAML config. Guided tours will be useful on the sites with advanced user profiles, UI-rich applications like control panels or websites with Gamification elements.

One thing though - I didn’t see if it’s possible to attach guide tooltips and highlight specific elements of the interface with it, however, I might have just missed that.


SEO checklist for D8

This module does site and content checks against SEO best practices and gives you recommendations on how to make your site better and which modules / libraries you might want to add to the site. There’s some drush commands available, so you could automate SEO reports and other stuff.

Actually, this module reminded me of yoast_seo module for Drupal that is really handy for making your site content better. Originally, Yoast plugin, as well as service itself was very popular in Wordpress community and now with the help of Ukrainian developers, it’s on Drupal, too.


UI Patterns, Atomic design and stuff

Quite cool module (still in beta) that allows to create and manage UI templates and use it throughout entire Drupal - in the panels, views, display suit, etc. In the Views, for instance, you can choose it for rendering line items.

At first, I thought this module is similar to styleguide - though it allows to generate style guide page as well, as it turned out, it is much much better. The module utilizes idea of Atomic design - in simple words, that’s when you create “small” things (elements) first and then from those elements you create bigger things - from single elements you go for blocks, then sections, then layouts, then pages. Most famous example of Atomic design is Bootstrap. If you’re interested, a bit more on Atomic design you can read here.


User Personas

Briefly, it’s more about who a user is, not what he can do on the site.

Module allows you to group user roles in “Personas” without breaking core roles & permissions system. The issue here, as described in the previous article, is that even though roles & permissions is a very flexible way for managing user activities on the site, for the real flexibility you’ll end up with like 5-10 roles on the site.That would be really easy to mess up which role each user should get. User personas allows you to build a better logical structure of permissions and access on the site.

By the way, the module is still in development, so that’s really an awesome chance to start with Drupal Contrib, if you’re interested.


Drupal 8.3 release and what to expect.

Version 8.3 is expected to be released on April 5th, Alpha is available on Jan, 30th. Please notice, there were small changes to version naming policy, so instead of Beta1, first publicly available releases now are going to be Alphas - so it would better reflect stability and potential issues of the releases.

In Drupal 8.3, we expect form inline errors and migrate modules to move from “experimental” to “core” - or, at least to be more stable; as well as some initial features and changes from Media Initiative. So, there is a real progress happening in terms of making media assets management out of the box.


Current status of Media Initiative and next steps

Speaking about Media Initiative, last progress report available for reading (and watching:))


Web app IDE experience

Somewhat fun experience on using “internet IDE” for development. As an example of the nice web app and simply interesting “alternative” experience.


Get your Google Drive on Drupal

Perhaps a bit unusual, but worth considering option on how to fight with weird test content or total lack of it during development. We all know that “Lorem Ipsum”, used by designerі frequently, doesn’t quite fit real-life cases - and that’s fine, but you’d like to be aware of that as early as possible during development and, well, real content helps with that. Google Docs, in that case, would be really handy for site owners and editors to produce abovementioned real content without the hassle of getting used to “unstable” test environment editors.


Drush 9 roadmap

Some changes in drush internal structure and custom commands implementation and such.


Paragraphs call for contributors

One more chance to do some Open Source, this time it’s Paragraphs. Extremely popular module in Drupal 8 - your patches will be used by lots of people.


Cron and Queues in D8

Cron and Queues explained with examples or how to process big volumes of data in the background.