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No mollom for you, friend.

How much from you guys know Mollom or used it at all?

*2 persons out of ~30 raise hands*

Yeah, that’s about right. So I was thinking about spam the other day, can you spot it? No? But it exists, even if you can’t spot it :) Unlike Mollom, which doesn’t exist anymore. Good news that there’s plenty of options. Bad news - dear Mollom, Rest in Peace.


Driesnote from DrupalCon Baltimore.

Yet another Driesnote. A little bit about GarfieldGate, a little bit about everything else. I felt a bit sad when I was watching it, as it turned from “Driesnote” into “State of Drupal” - how originally it was. I liked Driesnote from Amsterdam 2014, Los Angeles 2015, Barcelona 2015 much better, reason for this however, isn’t that it got worse - but rather Drupal 8 has got much more stable and is on steady development path right now compared to “unknownness” state back there, when Drupal 8 was yet to be released in November 2015. There were this “future road” vision thing and bits of Drupal’s history, compared to mostly “we released this and this, and we did that much progress on this initiative” stuff in Baltimore. On the other hand, there were 3271 drupalers in Baltimore (more stats by locations / years), for 35% of whom that was the first DrupalCon ever - perhaps that was also the reason that keynote was more about showing the current state, sort of “let’s fix the progress in history, rather than looking forward”. And indeed, with 6-month release cycles, we do get plenty of new stuff and improvements - constantly.

Anyway, it’s fun to listen to smart person twice a year, especially if it’s about significant part of your life. Also, there is a whole list of recorded sessions from Baltimore, just look for the topic you’re interested in.


Drupal + Composer = special treatment required.

Even though lots of web-developers using composer for quite long time, with Drupal 8 it still works weird. Jeff Geerling, the one and the only behind fabolous DrupalVM, tell us about the nuances and workarounds.


Fine Image Upload

Little bit of product placement :) We at Rolique has created tiny module that makes standard image uploads better thing to use. In essence, we’ve developed a widget for image field, with easier file management and better preview mode. It would be handy for simple cases, when you want something better and there’s no complicated requirements or special needs.


True Detective: Git bisect edition.

Or good cop commit, bad cop commit. Git Bisect is an easy way to find the problematic commit if you’re lame enough to not do this by hands. Simply pick last known “good” commit, then first known commit with issue and then just say good or bad until you find where bad code was introduced. This is as funny as it ever gets with git!


Atomic design, components, style guides and such.

I remember I showed something similar already (that was in January ‘17 news, UI Patterns module). What we have is an Library of UI components which you use throughout the site (in views, pages, blocks and so on). Emulsify was created by Four Kitchen, quite serious US company focused on Drupal and that means that this stuff already in use in some enterprisey project, which means certain (high enough) level of quality.


Another example of Drupal use for things other than web.

Showcase session from DrupalCon Baltimore on using Drupal behind “real things”, in this specific case - digital signs. Interesting thing, but not because you think it is - in a Technology Holywars, which is quite common about engineers, everyone stands for it’s technology stand and pronounce it Holy, and everything else, consequently unholy. And truth is that CMSes, Frameworks, technologies are just tools that you’re using to get things done. Which tool you know, that you use.

Good thing that Drupal becomes quite good in lots of things, not just web. All we need is to wait until someone will develop mission-critical - or should we say life-critical - project in Healthcare or launch a rocket to Mars on Drupal. That would be nice, isn’t it?


Still sucks less that other CMSes.

Good old “80% of features you’ll develop within 20% of project time in Drupal, for the remaining 20% functionality, you’ll spend remaining 80%. In this article Mike explains why it is so and how it is with other CMSes. Must Read.


Fixing http://default in drush ULI

For those who doesn’t like to set $base_url.


This should’ve been done in the core long time ago.

The best practices for content editors sort of article, which is called “Smart defaults” in the world. In my opinion, this should’ve been in the core long time ago. I understand why they aren’t in core - because it would’ve limited “unlimited” list of things you could do with drupal - but then, why do we have “Standard” installation profile and why is it doing so little?


Experimental media update: media entity has arrived.

Good news on Media Initiative. Now Media entities support types of media - you don’t have to have workaround in order to combine different types in one place (in views, for instance).


Javascript update to ES6.

We’ve got core JS updated to latest ES6. It’s still going to be outdated in two weeks when ES2017 or something will be released, but at least it’s cool for now, right?


Go on, use something else, Grav CMS, for example.

You can store your content in yaml files, who needs that CMS and stuff anyway, right? A bit of brain stretch, no-database CMS.


Open Source license is a real thing.

Quite interesting bit on Open Source licenses. To start with, the US Law is precedent based and now we have precedent when using Open Source Software without actually signing the contract is a contract.

Long story short: bad guys, used GPL library in their closed commercial project, which means that they’ve breached GPL license, which says that resulted software with the use of GPL product must be Open Source and available under GPL license. When good guys suggested that after earning 86-something $millions bad guys could do with licensing the library for commercial use and bad guys said they didn’t sign a thing - meaning there’s no breach of contract, as there is no contract in place, US judge decided that using Open Source Software equals to a signed contract.

Go read the full article, anyway.


Acqua next phase and few important lessons.

Couple of lessons learned from the biggest Drupal company. In short, Acquia has announced that it’ CEO, Tom Erickson will step down from his role.

I’ve had an amazing opportunity to meet Tom in person at DrupalCons, as well as in Acquia’s old headquarters in Burlington, MA - they moved to Boston few years ago, and tell you what - I think I can relate to what Dries and Michael says about him. Why I chose this article, not the one by Dries (they are interlinked anyway) - because Michael tells about company values, values of commitment to results and owning the thing and that those things are impossibly important if you want your company to do great.


Thank you for your attention. Slides for slide lovers available here.