Rocket launch your
Minimum Viable Product
with us!

Idea to MVP

We believe in smart web and a healthy digital world. This is our ultimate goal and we are willing to make it our crowning achievement. Fresh ideas and dogged determination to make the world a better place – this is our vision of a start-up spirit needed.

Our mission is to help bright ideas make it to the real world. By popular demand, we now start our own Minimum Viable Product (MVP) program, which is aimed at helping passionate people put their ideas into action.

We will help you

  • Сonduct a market analysis for a successful launch
  • Define the scope of your MVP
  • Design, build and launch your MVP
  • Carry out an in-depth analytical analysis and help you with the scale strategy
  • Support and maintain your product its launch
  • Constantly add new features and updates*

There are five to six percent of people across the globe, whose ideas are set to change the world. Let it be yours!

Our MVP program offers you a unique chance to have your own app up and running in 6 to 10 weeks. This means, if started today, in 6 to 10 weeks you will already have a sound grasp of your idea. You will have the answers to your questions: Is my concept working? Can my product get traction? Is it good enough for investors to spend money on?

You don’t need to squander 10 weeks of your time and money on sheer ‘validation’ of the idea. We will assist you with it during the first two weeks.

What’s not covered
by the program

  • Helping obtain funding for the project
  • Helping hire other developers
  • Conducting a full-scale market research*
  • Marketing the product and/or creating a SEO strategy*
* services can be included at an additional cost at our standard rates
Process & Timeline

We work together with you and have a back-and-forth conversation to

~ 1 week
  • Create a Business Case
  • What does the market look like?
  • What is the competition like?
  • Which niche market does your product belong to?
  • Who is your target client?
  • Perform Requirements Engineering
  • Defining roles and permissions
  • Defining product features and prioritizing them
  • Defining the scope of your MVP
  • Defining business rules
  • Reviewing and approving the scope
  • Once we pass through the stage above, we can proceed to
  • Define technology stack
  • Put together the right team of developers, designers and QA engineers
  • Create a Delivery Plan

Create wireframes

~ 1 week


~ 1-2 week

Development & Delivery

~ 3 – 6 weeks depending on the project scope

Metrics analysis, support and maintenance

We will make sure everything is up and running

In addition, we will teach you to understand LEAN development and introduce you to Agile development. We will also provide support from one of our certified Product Owners to make sure we are on the right track.

In the first 2 weeks you will learn


What LEAN, Agile, Scrum are


What a product backlog is and how to create it


What sprint
planning is and how to conduct it


What sprint, demo, retrospective are

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