The 2016 Arctic Winter Games

celebrating sports,
social interaction
and culture


Web-consulting \ User Experience Design \ User Interface Design
Front-end development \ Back-end development \ Responsive design
Content strategy \ Support and maintenance
Server infrastructure

Status: finished

The Arctic Winter Games were founded in 1969 with an ultimate goal to provide a forum where
athletes from the circumpolar North could compete on their own terms. Since then, the Games
have been held on numerous occasions in different places and with ever more participants from
more and more places within the Arctic region.

The Arctic Winter Games 2016 are scheduled to be held in March 2016 in Nuuk, the capital of
Greenland with over 2,000 athletes participating. The Games contribute to creating an awareness
of cultural diversity, and develop athletes to participate in the competitions with the focus on
fair play.

  • HTML5
  • Drupal
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • Less
  • SQL
  • WEB Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • UI\UX designer
  • One Front-end developer
  • and two Back-end Developers

The Arctic Winter Games committee were in search of a technology partner to develop,
maintain and support a promo website for the AWG 2016 event. Whilst the Games are a
momentous sporting event, we had to build their website substantially from scratch, as we
were to embark on a project having solely some UI/UX mockups of the Homepage and
several other pages at our disposal.

Therefore, in 2014 we were approached with a brief to build and launch the AWG 2016
website. We had to set it up across many languages, managing the translation overlays in an
effective manner.


Our experience working with the Mentorix team and Arctic Winter Games committee has resulted in us effecting a number of fundamental changes

Rolique has launched the AWG website. For its realization we opted for Drupal 7 – the most sophisticated and secure Open Source CMS back in 2014

We have developed a mobile design of the website (UI/UX), which led to the final website being made fully responsive (a greatly enhanced mobile experience)

Mobile UI/UX Mobile UI/UX
Admin panel

Apart from making the website a more manageable and straightforward structure, Rolique has provided the admin staff with all the content management tools they could possibly need to effectively deal with the content (photos, videos, news, translations)


We have also met the challenge of making the AWG website multilingual: there are literally 3 different versions of the website for each language, that can be managed independently or synchronously – all tailored to the needs of specific clients

AWG site previews

We have succeeded in establishing complex server and deployment infrastructure, which would grant maximum security and keep all the data safe from being breached or lost.

Rolique has also ensured rigorous IT consulting and staff training; continuous development of new features, their support and maintenance, 3rd party integrations.

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