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User Experience Design \ User Interface Design
Front-end development \ Back-end development
Support and maintenance \ Server infrastructure

Status: finished

Eurekos is the Next Generation Digital Learning Environment (NGDLE) specifically designed for
use in professional training in any subject field. As an Accredited Training Organization, since
2009 they have been working with training providers and global organizations and continue to
develop Eurekos to meet special educational needs.

Eurekos is a platform designed for didactical approach first, empowering teachers with
educational technology that is intuitive and easy to use. It offers a flexible, dynamic and
interactive learning environment. Eurekos takes pride in their extensive experience working with
various institutions of higher education.

  • HTML5
  • Drupal
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • Less
  • SQL
  • Project Manager
  • UX designer
  • Ui Designer
  • two Front-end developers
  • three Back-end Developer
  • and devops engineer

When the Mentorix Aps team (the company behind Eurekos) first approached us back in 2013, they were facing a crucial decision on their product prototype. The company was determined either to expand their in-house team or to collaborate with a team from Eastern Europe. In the first case they had to spend lots of time and energy on finding and employing local talents, not to mention it being rather costly. On choosing the second option they saved on costs in favor of a quick and straightforward start meanwhile preserving the quality.

Taking into account Rolique’s extensive expertise in Drupal, great references and our genuine eagerness to take up what we believed was an ambitious idea – it was an easy choice for Mentorix to make.

We were appointed to fulfill a number of tasks:

To create a revolutionary SaaS product, that would provide customers with a groundbreaking Digital Learning Environment

To provide broad accessibility: make the product cross-platform, multilingual, easy to use for non-technical users

To design, build and support a complex server infrastructure, granting enterprise-level security and high-load server management

To encourage a fast-track iterative development, constant releases under Agile framework and its best practices

To provide a high quality code, great scalability and people that are fun to work with



Rolique has built a product that
encompasses a complex high-load
architecture. It puts to use all the
possibilities of Drupal expanding
beyond to PHP5 and JavaScript


Our team has invested a great deal
of time and effort in making content
creation and its management
a flawless, intuitive process.

We have built an efficient server infrastructure to establish high availability
environments. Also we have optimized load balancing, traffic management and
advanced routing processes.


Our team has created and integrated some invaluable communication tools. They allow the platform users to overcome various communication barriers existing online and to enable blended learning: blogs, forums, classes, notification systems and other collaboration tools.


Rolique strove to make the platform fun and entertaining for learning. We developed additional functionality for such activities as assignments and quizzes. To pursue our goals in bringing it all to life, our technical team met many interesting technical challenges.


The innovative tools for working with content is what makes Eurekos one of the most competitive platforms on the market. Editorial and publishing processes apply innovative tools and technology to make it easy to create, manage and distribute content.

We have brought about a myriad of 3rd party integrations: Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, Aviary, H5P, Amazon Web Services etc. They make Eurekos what it is –
the NGDLE.ее

API Integrations

and many more...


Utrecht university NUUK 2016 Mentorix SYSMEX DTU

We have ensured proper AWS integration, which allows to accelerate content production and reduce workflow intervals by processing the increasingly large content files and formats in the cloud.


Rolique has built a cross-platform product: the entire system and all its components are tailored to meet the needs of end-users on anything from a desktop to a mobile.

We have also

Established a complex
server and deployment

Been stimulating
continuous development
of new features, support
and maintenance

Implemented continuous
integration system for
continuous delivery

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