Octane Press

Revamping a publisher's
website to feature
their world-class


Web-consulting \ User Experience Design \ User Interface Design
Front-end development \ Back-end development \ Responsive design
Content strategy \ Support and maintenance
Server infrastructure

Status: finished

Octane Press publishes award-winning illustrated and narrative books that cater to niche
audiences. Founded by long-time book editor and author Lee Klancher, the company stresses
editorial quality, and works with the best in the business to ensure that our readers find the
accurate detail and in-depth information they demand.

  • HTML5
  • Drupal
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • Less
  • SQL
  • Project Manager
  • UX designer
  • Ui Designer
  • Front-end developer
  • Back-end Developer
  • and devops engineer

We collaborated with the thriving publishing business Octane Press back in 2012 to
create an all-new website and their migration to a new content management
system (Drupal 7), and transition onto new platforms, such as tablets and smart phones.

In 2015 we were enlisted to undertake a number of new tasks such as a complete revamp of
the website, introduction of various new features for users, and automation of business
operations and workflows.

Taking into consideration the fact that our joint plans were ambitious and the scope of work promised to be tremendous, to say the least, we have resolved to follow the LEAN model start out with an MVP.

Our strategic considerations on content profiling and workflow enabled us to complete the
following assignments

Rolique has produced a new UI/UX design which is far more intuitive for users, is capable of featuring products in a beneficial way, and as a consequence, allows space for effective marketing campaigns.

Octane Press previews
We have accelerated the editorial and publishing processes both managed within CMS. Now the roles are set, workflows defined and configured, staff is well-informed of how to use the system.
Owing to the customer promotion system we have designed, the Octane team is now able to categorize and promote customers depending on their buying history. The system enables them to make exclusive offers to their users and to effectively manage copious discounts.
On carrying out the wholesale order automation, we’ve taken the total workflow to the next level. By automating and customizing the wholesale buying process for users and the business, the workflow has become both flexible and straightforward.

Rolique has devised new product formats. By adding new product management
tools, we’ve empowered Octane Press to expand their product range on the
website. Now the users can buy e-pubs, bundles and limited editions directly from
the Octane website.

Shipping We have come up with new payment options and shipping providers. There is a wide range of choices available to buyers of how they want to pay and have the product delivered.
Content We’ve provided the Octane team with sophisticated content management tools to control all the content and media they have at their disposal.
Responsive Responsive design - the entire website is optimized for usage on mobile devices.

The framework we developed for Octane Press has also encompassed such benefits as:

Established complex server and deployment
Optimized E-commerce module performance
IT consulting and staff training
Continuous development of new features, support and maintenance
3rd party integrations (Xero, Advanced reporting)

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