Front-end (JavaScript/Angular2+) developer

Lviv, in-house

About Project

This platform enables companies to predict, prioritize and protect against software vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by hackers. It begins by identifying weaknesses within clients' digital environment using a proprietary binary code analysis methodology. It then prioritizes these vulnerabilities, building a live threat map of the organization's infrastructure, using asset context analysis. Lastly, a shim layer is deployed to protect software from identified vulnerabilities by limiting access to its exploitable code in real-time. It is live and already protecting dozens of organizations worldwide.


Mostly monolith architecture

Team structure
  • 2 web developers, Project Manager, CTO on the client's side
  • JavaScript, Angular 7.2, TypeScript 3.2.2
  • have 2+ years of commercial experience with Angular2+
  • good knowledge of JavaScript
  • experience with Dashboards and Swagger
  • English — Upper-intermediate
  • excellent problem-solving skills.
  • build front-end part from scratch
  • develop clean and maintainable code
  • solve interesting and challenging problems on the project

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