Back-end software engineer

Lviv, in-house

About Project

We want to provide solutions that help freelancers, solopreneurs and small business owners grow and succeed. Our free software helps business owners manage invoices and track the health of the business. Most business owners don’t want to dive into bookkeeping which is why, for a monthly fee, we provide professional bookkeepers to handle it. In our team, you will be free in making technical decisions to get the best result. We appreciate people who can work on their own, develop themselves, and use their knowledge as much as possible. We’re inspired by people who share ideas, have a strong sense of responsibility, and are ready to develop team experience. As a Software engineer, you will work with distributed systems, microservices, machine learning, event-sourcing, scalable infrastructure, and environment automation. Your development process will cover all the stages from conception to delivery. You will design and implement new features side by side with improving the existing ones. Expect a lot of challenges.


Microservices architecture

Team structure
  • 7 developers and Project manager in our office
  • CTO on the client's side
  • JavaScript, NodeJS, VueJS, SQL, Docker
  • 3+ years of professional experience in backend systems
  • 2+ years of experience programming in JavaScript (Node.js)
  • strong skills in SQL and relational databases
  • strong knowledge of HTTP stack and REST principles
  • experience with message brokers, in-memory storages, NoSQL and key-value databases
  • experience with Docker and containerized applications
  • understanding of SOA and microservices
  • english - upper-intermediate
  • design and create new microservices as well as improve the existing ones
  • design and implement interprocess communication through APIs, RPC, and message brokers
  • design data storage using relational databases, event-sourcing, and search engines
  • write clear and simple code in several programming languages
  • participate in building reliable infrastructure
Would be a plus
  • experience with frontend frameworks, Vue.js is a plus
  • experience with other programming languages, PHP is a plus
  • experience in cloud technologies, AWS is a plus

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