Front-end (JavaScript/React) developer

Lviv, in-house

About Project

Joining the project will allow you to work with the most trending technologies. An open-minded customer is gladly awaiting for team`s technical suggestions to bring more value to the project and reach project goals effectively. Moreover, the project includes the integration with a world-famous easy-to-use streaming platform, which allows you to create meaningful experiences that unlock the true potential of live streaming: powerful two-way communication, personalized experiences, and measurable business growth.


Mostly monolith architecture

Team structure
  • 2 web developers, DevOps engineer and Project manager in our office
  • Product Owner on the client's side
  • React.js, Node.js, AWS
  • have 2+ years of commercial experience in web development
  • good knowledge of JavaScript
  • good practical knowledge of React.js
  • be proficient in CSS (CSS preprocessors, namely SASS/LESS, styled-components)
  • knowledge of React patterns (HOCs, render props, containers)
  • experience in state management tools (Redux, MobX)
  • experience with PWA development
  • be familiar with GIT
  • develop a clean and maintainable code
  • solve interesting and challenging problems on the project
  • we make sure, that you will deploy your first commit at least in the first week
  • after 4 weeks, you made an impact to our quoting engine and understand why customers love it
  • by then, we will hand-over dedicated responsibilities (ownership of components/services, release management, etc.)
Would be a plus
  • English — upper-intermediate
  • excellent problem-solving skills

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