Front-end (JavaScript/React.js) developer

Lviv, in-house

About Project

Our JS team is working on a project for accountants. It consists of two products, which aim at two different niches (1) accounting for large companies/enterprises, (2) accounting for up-to-50-people businesses. Our goal is to unite both platforms + bring them under a common tech stack (React.js/Node.js)


Platfrom #1: AWS (on-premise hosting in the future), Node,js, React.js (+TypeScript on both: b-e and f-e), MongoDB, Docker, Kubernetes. Platform #2: AWS (on-premise hosting in the future),MongoDB, Docker, Kubernetes;

Team structure
  • 5 Full Stack (JavaScript/React.js/Node.js) developers, 1 QA, 1 Project Manager.
  • JavaScript, Node,js, React.js, TypeScript, MongoDB, Docker, Kubernets
  • have 3+ years of commercial experience in web development
  • good practical knowledge of React.js
  • good knowledge of TypeScript
  • experience in state management tools (Redux, MobX)
  • knowledge of GraphQL
  • be proficient in WebSockets
  • good knowledge of OOP
  • be familiar with Git
  • English - intermediate
  • rebuild front-end part from scratch
  • develop clean and maintainable code
Would be a plus
  • knowledge of Node.js

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