Full Stack (PHP/JavaScript/Node.js/Vue.js) developer

Lviv, in-house

About Project

This platform is designed to assist in conducting crucial accounting procedures such as payment tracking and contact keeping. It links the bank accounts, PayPal and Stripe for faster and safer billing payment.


50 clearly divided microservices, each of those is located on separate GitHub repo. One of the admin microservices is written on PHP. Is hosted on AWS. CI via Jenkins. Redis for caching. Containers management is done by DCOS. Front-end is hosted on Netlify. There is an autodeploy for Front-end, which is written in Ember.js and needed to be rewritten to Vue.js. Unit and integration testing.

Team structure
  • 6 developers in Lviv in-house, 15 developers located in USA, PM, CTO.
  • PHP, JavaScript, Vue.js, Node.js
  • have 2+ years of commercial experience in web development
  • good knowledge of JavaScript
  • good practical knowledge of Node.js and Vue.js
  • experience with PHP
  • good practical knowledge of MySQL
  • be familiar with Docker
  • good knowledge of OOP
  • be familiar with Git
  • be familiar with RabbitMQ
  • good practical knowledge of unit and integration tests
  • you will be responsible for the integration of existing microservice architecture to a new one
  • rebuilding front-end part from scratch
  • deploying new features and deleting the unnecessary ones
  • this is a real challenge for those, who want to improve own experience with microservices architecture

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