Back-end (PHP/Symfony) developer

Ukraine, Lviv

About Project

You are going to work on a web-page of one of the top Netherland platforms for freelancers. The idea appeared first when Project owner’s mom couldn’t find a cleaner for herself. The aim of the platform is to connect families with nannies and housecleaners. You’ll have the possibility to build a great product of value for locals.


We use Symfony 4 to build the RESTful API, Postgres as a main storage, ElasticSearch to make difficult search requests, RabbitMQ to speed up the response time.

Team structure
  • PHP (Symfony) developer, FE (React.js) developer, UX/UI designer, DevOps engineer, Project Coordinator
  • Product owner on client’s side.
  • PHP 7, Symfony 4, Postgres, Elasticsearch, Rabbitmq, Docker, RESTful API.
  • Have 2+ years of commercial experience in developing web applications based on PHP
  • Experience with PHP 7.x (PHP framework Symfony 4)
  • Knowledge of RESTful API
  • Knowledge of Elasticsearch
  • Experience with PostgreSQL/Rabbitmq/Docker
  • Be familiar with GIT
  • English — Intermediate
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Be obsessed with front-end performance optimization.
  • Develop new features and improve existing ones.

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